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Sound the Siren
Dissertation Findings

This whole page started as a result of doing my PhD on the mental health and wellbeing of volunteer firefighters in rural Nova Scotia.

This study is complete and the full dissertation can be found here.

Below I plan to highlight findings with easier to read publications or summaries of these findings. More to come!


The Fire Family

This finding highlights the importance of the brotherhood/sisterhood typically referred to as the Fire Family. A significant internal strength and invaluable source of peer support.

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Sanctuary Trauma

More to come...


Firefighter Identity

A look at the organizational culture and masculine ideals that influence how mental health and wellness is viewed in the volunteer fire service. What does it mean to be a firefighter?

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Stress on Family

More to come...


Social Media as Occupational Stress

An unexpected and important finding from this study highlights the impact of social media on the mental health and occupational performance of firefighters

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Evolution of Volunteer Firefighter Responsibilites

Looks at how firefighting expectations and responsibilities have changed significantly overtime placing more stress on volunteer firefighters. Perhaps this model is no longer sustainable?

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