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My Story

My name is Robin Campbell Bromhead.

I am former volunteer firefighter and I currently serve as a military reservist in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

I recently completed my PhD called, "Sound the Siren" which explored the mental health and well-being of volunteer firefighters in Nova Scotia. 

My goal has always been to shed light on the mental health needs of volunteer firefighters and other first responders. I plan to continue this work by transitioning Sound the Siren to a knowledge hub and research consulting environment.

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What to Expect from Sound the Siren

I want this website and hub to be a central space focused on volunteer firefighter health and wellness.

A place to go for research, information, training, resources, and upcoming events/news related to this topic.

I also want to highlight my desire to be a Research Consultant and continue to serve the volunteer fire service through much needed research, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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