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Firehall Kitchens

“Some of the best food in the world is in #firehall kitchens”

- @Jennifer.E.Crawford, #MasterChefCanada Season Six Winner

This picture is from @Jennifer.E.Crawford instagram

I recently saw Jennifer Crawford, MasterChef Canada Season Six Winner, post on their Instagram about their time at Kingston’s Annual Steer BBQ (also in my hometown- Kingston, NS!). They said “Some of the best food in the world is in firehall kitchens.” I had also seen posts from some of my firefighter friends from Kingston cooking up a storm with Jennifer at the firehall, sharing stories of each other’s families, and reminiscing about their time in high school together. I thought about what Jennifer said about the best food being cooked in firehall kitchens and what that really meant. Firehalls are central aspects of our communities and they bring us together. The firehall kitchens bring us together over food- and who doesn’t love food! Volunteer firefighters in our rural communities are more than firefighters who protect our homes and lives- they put on pancake breakfasts, and chicken BBQs, and fun runs, and so many other events that bring us together as a community. What an important reminder of how crucial our firehalls and our firefighters are for the success of our communities. Thank you to all who serve your communities as volunteer firefighters.


Okay here is my selfish little shout out to @Jennifer.E.Crawford… so anyone from rural Nova Scotia knows that everyone knows everyone or is somehow connected in our communities, especially those of us who grew up in the same communities. When I was in grade 1 and Jennifer was in Grade 5 or 6, they were my book buddy! Thanks, Jennifer, for helping me practice my reading as a kid. A huge congrats to you for winning #MasterChefCanada Season 6! Thank you for shedding some light on our community firehall kitchens and how awesome they are 😊

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